Virtual Reality allows the capture of high-resolution 360-degree content. This realistic “sense of space” provides the perspective often sought after in court proceedings when showing a crime scene or providing evidence in tenant disputes, labor disputes, etc. It is also a valuable tool when proof is essential for insurance claims.

Frameless Technologies is available to produce 360-degree photographic evidence for use in legal proceedings. We offer timely turnaround and availability in off-hours to capture required content.

Faced with the challenge of presenting to the Court the product mix on display at a retail location in a contested landlord tenant dispute, I turned to Frameless Technologies for ideas. Its technically savvy and creative staff of highly trained photographers were able to produce a compelling (and admissible) 360° photo tour of the retail space. This presentation allowed me to walk the Court up and down every aisle in the store. Literally, the Frameless Technologies presentation was the next, best thing to being there. I would not hesitate to use them again.
Wayne Travell, Managing Partner, Tysons Office, Hirschler Fleischer, P.C.

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