Virtual Reality is the Today and Tomorrow of Marketing

Virtual Reality (VR) is quickly changing the way we market. Its immersive nature enables you to fully engage a captive audience in a personal and powerful 360-degree experience. Whether you are showcasing a destination or product, Frameless Technologies will create compelling VR content (and provide the means to distribute it) to “transport” clients into your space and create motivating memories.

Tours of our data centers are vital to closing business. Frameless Technologies created a highly effective virtual experience for both our website and trade shows. It has generated a lot of buzz, is one of our best marketing tools, and has accelerated our sales cycles.
Mark Freeman, Senior Director, Marketing, DuPont Fabros Technology

Virtual Reality is a Powerful Training Tool

Virtual Reality’s interactive nature lends itself to learning. It is the only media that is processed by the brain as a real experience and can therefore trigger the same physical and mental responses as that of a real life occurrence. This makes it a key component in higher education curriculums and an indispensable training tool for situational and technical training for first responders, technicians, the military, and others.

Virtual Reality is Affordable

Your company doesn’t have to be a household name to be able to afford virtual reality. The cost for Frameless Technologies to create your virtual experience or 360-degree tour is comparable to the cost of creating a traditional video. We also offer a streamlined process and pricing for real estate listings.

Costs will vary between clients depending on the location we are shooting and the type of experience you wish to create. Please contact us for specific pricing for your project.

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