Also known as Volumetric Photography or 3D photo-based scanning, Frameless Technologies developed a proprietary process for the creation of 3D models of artifacts, products and spaces. We accomplish this by integrating dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of high-resolution photos into a 3D representation that can be turned in all directions and zoomed in on to inspect details.

Our ability to create photo-accurate models of objects allows us to create highly realistic online galleries for museums to showcase rare collections and is also perfect for displaying products for ecommerce. In both cases, viewers can interact with objects by examining them from all angles. The models can also be incorporated into VR and AR experiences.

Through a similar process, we create 3D models of spaces (rooms and even outdoor areas) that can also be incorporated in VR experiences or can be used to house online galleries.

Our ability to create photo-accurate models and incorporate them into VR and AR experiences brings a new level of realism to our productions.

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