Virtual reality is a term that encompasses a broad spectrum of immersive content that enable people to experience something without actually being there. At Frameless Technologies, we create compelling virtual reality experiences that invite interaction and immediately engage the user. We do this by working with a variety of technologies that enable the selection of the right delivery mechanism for each project.

360-Degree Photos

We develop 360-degree photos for use on websites and in social media. Each photo is an immersive 360-degree view that allows users to look up, down, side to side, and all around each area by dragging their mouse or using simple keystrokes. We process our images with High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques at 8K resolution. These photos are perfect for showcasing meeting and event space, hotel rooms, and outdoor spaces. They can also include hotspots/callouts that provide information on key features.

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Virtual Tours

Our 360-degree photos can be integrated into stunning “museum quality” interactive virtual tours that can easily be integrated into existing websites (technical support is included). Our tours are highly effective tools for showcasing spaces since they allow viewers to “walk” through rooms and outdoor spaces while giving them a “sense of place” not possible with traditional photos. Hosting can be provided by Frameless Technologies but is not required. Our clients own their final files.

We absolutely love our tour! It really gives our website visitors the feeling of being here at the International Spy Museum and provides the perfect amount of content to whet their appetite for a visit.
Amanda Abrell, Director of Communications, International Spy Museum

360-Degree Aerial Maps/Tours

Perfect for orienting visitors to cities, campuses, estates, etc, our 360-Degree aerial-based tours are beautiful high resolution productions that allow a visual overview of your property and the ability to “drill down” to ground level through hotspots for a 360-degree look at specific areas. We also offer stand-alone 360-degree aerial photos. We are FAA certified and insured.

Our virtual tour is a great tool for booking events. Customers planning corporate and social events remotely can get a great look at our space and know that the area they are booking will meet their needs.
Melissa Kirkpatrick, Event Coordinator, Lost Rhino Retreat

360-Degree Video

We develop 360-degree video productions for use online and in mobile VR headsets. Our 360-degree videos can include interactive components, narration and music. They are commonly used for marketing at trade shows, marketing onsite (such as in welcome centers and resort lobbies), at college and corporate recruiting events, and for education and training.

Frameless Technologies’ virtual reality videos are some of the best marketing tools I’ve ever used. Clients can now truly “experience” our resort remotely. They are the hit of our trade shows and have led to bookings we likely wouldn’t have had without this great tool.
Julee Midden, Director of Sales and Marketing, Primland

Full VR Experiences with 3D Environments

We work with a wide variety of technologies to develop highly immersive and engaging custom VR experiences that feature 3D environments and interactive components. Our VR experiences can include computer-generated content and photogrammetry (3D models of real spaces) to allow for a mix of photo-based and modeled content that adds an unrivaled element of realism. We develop VR experiences for museum exhibits, tradeshow attractions, mobile education projects, and higher education curriculums.

Tours of our data centers are vital to closing business. Frameless Technologies created a highly effective virtual experience for both our website and trade shows. It has generated a lot of buzz, is one of our best marketing tools, and has accelerated our sales cycles.
Mark Freeman, Senior Director, Marketing, DuPont Fabros Technology
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Frameless Technologies’ projects are turnkey and include technical support.